AbraCamTM Wall for UVC Dome

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Product Description

 Installs UVCTM Dome On Solid Wall

AbraCamTM for UVC Dome Series enhances the possibilities of the popular UVC Dome cameras from Ubiquiti Networks. AbraCamTM Wall for UVC Dome enables fast and easy installation of UVCTM Dome cameras on solid wall surfaces. The UVC Dome camera was originally designed only for installation in ceiling tiles. AbraCamTM Wall for UVC Dome increases the possibilities of placing the camera where you need it to be, to achieve the best results for your video surveillance system. Bracket is for indoor use only.

Uncompromised Camera Coverage & Picture Quality

AbraCamTM for UVC Dome brackets enable easy installation of UVC Dome on solid walls or solid ceilings. Providing true freedom of camera installation, using AbraCamTM brackets improves the ability to monitor entrances, shops, halls, warehouse areas and other indoor spaces. 

Designing your video surveillance system will now be easy, as you can mount UVC Dome camera where you really need it. By achieving the best possible placement you can get the best results on camera coverage and picture quality.