AIRROUTER, AirRouter 802.11n 150Mbps 2,4Ghz WiFi Indoor Router

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Product Description


The AirRouter is currently one of the most powerful and efficient indoor commercial routers in th market. It can be used as a standard router for the home or small office or as a bridge to connect different LAN networks. It may also be customized to become an access point when you need to cover larger areas and create a focal point for your wireless network. It is so versatile you can develop different types of network architecture depending on your needs and preferences. AirRouter is also scalable so you can grow it only when it is necessary. Moreover, the device is designed to be compatible with other technologies that have AirMax.

Sleek and Robust Design 

As an indoor commercial router, the AirRouter possesses a ver sleek and modern look, making it a refreshing aesthetic addition to your space. It conveniently complements the rest of your IT technologies. It is equipped with 5 Ethernet and 1 USB ports, as well as an integrated antenna that helps strengthen the transmission of signals wirelessly. It has an average reach of 100 meters. The USB port, in particular, is useful for adding an AirGrid M5 antenna that increases the reach of the wireless Internet. The device has a wireless speed of around 150 mbps as well as uses the 2.4GHz band.

Wireless Security 

One of the growing issues with wireless Internet is its security. To ensure that you can prevent any unauthorized access, you can take advantage of the various security options of AirRouter suhc as channel shifting that lets you use more private channels. It also supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security protocols.

Comprehensive and Reliable AirOS Software 

The AirRouter uses the AirOs software to easily modify, configure, and maintain the functions of the router. Aside from channel shifting, it also provides DHCP relay.



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