Current Sensor mFi-CS for ubnt mPort, mFi controller, UBIQUITI

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Product Description

Current Sensor

Are you trying to figure out how much your electric bill should be? Would you want to have a clearer picture of your electric load and consumption, then generate reports afterward? The current sensor is a revolutionary monitoring device that can be connected to an IP network and other machines. This way, you can magnify your sensor networks and monitor its status, among others, on a web-based or cloud platform.


The current sensor has a dimension of 32 mm by 57 mm by 22 mm and a weight of 50 grams, making it extremely portable and easy to move around and attached to AC devices that need monitoring.

Quick installation Process

The sensor has a plug-and-play capability that allows you to install it without any hitch. The current sensor, after all, is a clip-on devices that doesn’t require any special tools to configure. It’s designed for individuals who don’t have a lot of experience with technologies, especially sensors. It also provides two general input options depending on what type of network you want to create.

Flexible Network Design

The current sensor complements the other mFi devices. There are ports that allow you to connect Ethernet cables so various sensors and machines can talk to one another. If you want to connect mFi nodes, you can make use of the wireless network. Considering that the hardware is affordable and works with each other well, you can easily upgrade your network whenever necessary without delay. The current sensor has 1 RJ-45 port.

Internet-based Support

The current sensor and even the machines that are attached to it can now be easily managed, configured, and analyzed using the integrated software or system that is accessible through a web browser. This ensures you can keep track of your sensor anytime and anywhere. You can change its settings remotely as well as generate reports that are useful in various networking decisions.


mFi-CS Dimensions 32 x 57 x 22 mm Size of Opening 13 x 13 mm Weight 50 g Ports (1) mFi RJ45 Port Input Current 0 to 100A Load Linear* Core Material Ferrite Bobbin Nylon Mechanical Strength Number of Switching Operations ≥ 1000 Times (Tested at 20° C) Dielectric Strength (Between Shell and Output) 6000VAC/1 min. Fire Resistance Rating UL94-V0 Operating Temperature -25 to 70° C Operating Humidity ≤85% Condensing